3-24-02~~8 in the nighttime
"move, moving, moved"

so it's sunday night and i have a home. i officially have a home. i'm a short drive from a thriving downtown, about 5 seconds from greenville avenue, and (yay!) 5 minutes from my baby. my apartment is adorably comfortable with all my furniture and cow kitchen...oh so cozy. that's about all i've been doing lately-moving and getting ready to move. what an exciting life i lead. now i return to school tomorrow after an excitng (yeah right) spring break filled with work and packing. unpacking is done, working is continuing, now add school to the mix and you have one busy college student. oh yay. but! but!! it's only 6 weeks until finals. that makes for a happy abby. this time last year, i wasn't returning to school after spring break. in fact, this time exactly, i was complaining about being an abercrombie brat, when now i'm a friday's whore. go figure! i'm out...to do some laundry or something of the domestic type.

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