1-30-02~~9 pm
"i'm a working girl..."

ahhh, i am alive. i feel it. whether it's the need to pee or constant banging in my head that i feel, it's alive alright. after today's bout with pain and the solitary visit to the ER (i've never been to a hospital alone...it was lonely and scary), i slept off the stress and here i sit, ready to start my day. wait...it's 9 at night. oops. hope i'll be able to get to sleep tonight...probably not. figures.

well, post-surgery and all my stupid illnesses that have attacked my vulnerable self lately, i'm returning to work tomorrow. tomorrow morning. i'm a bit nervous...i haven't waited on a table since the middle of december, and i'm jumping in full-force this weekend. four shifts. three high-volume shifts. my feet are going to be pissed at me, my head is gonna kill me, but damnit, i'm gonna make some fucking money. it's been a long time since i've had money that *i* made, and i miss that. so i'm heading back. hopefully i can balance work and school healthily this semester...and actually do really well in my classes. it's a goal i set at the beginning of every semester, but it never really happens. but this year, new convictions have taken on a new meaning...i have a strange new motivation to improve my life. support is greatly accepted in any forms or fashions...monetary donations may be sent to me as often as you deem appropriate, just email me for an address.

to all who kept reading while i've updated with nothing for the past couple weeks, thanks for hanging around. you guys rock! and brenda, you didn't miss an entry, i just added a new one. to get to the missed one, hit the archives, yo.

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