April Fool's??~~morning
"silent release"

on a lighter note

i'm in a better mood today...after some relaxation with great friends and some good food and a couple beers, abby feels better. i think today's just gonna coast by, and that makes me overly joyed. yesterday was such a long freakin day, but it ended extremely well.

someone like you. go see it. trust me. it's just wonderful. it's a movie that makes you warm and squishy inside, cry out of pity, laugh whole-heartedly and make you see that love really does exist. it really does!!! it just warms my heart to know that filmmakers notice that love is out there...you just have to let your guard down and let it find you.

okay, well, i need to get on with my day, but first a few links:
to jess--i'm here for you, i always will be. i miss you like crazy and i KNOW you'll figure it out!!!
to matt--this will sound rather gay, but it's always darkest before the sun shines...you're a great guy, i know things will look up for you really soon!!
to rissa--thank you for your support and you love...it means SO much to know that i've got people out there that care that have NO idea who i am!! thanks!!
i'm out...to shower, or something.

"The greater the difficulty, the more the glory in surmounting it."

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